Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane
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  • thismof0

    i’ve said it before doja like wine getting and looking better

  • Megan Beth
    Megan Beth

    Can someone who thumbs down please explain to me what's ur problem

  • Katinaa Prasannaa
    Katinaa Prasannaa

    green screen her hand

  • Lifeline

    I love how perfectly timed everything is, also the music vid is so good✨🔥✨🔥

  • Delsey Hurlston
    Delsey Hurlston

    This is my favorite song😘🥺😁⚡💗😎

  • Jamie Banks
    Jamie Banks

    0:47 james is that you?

  • Patricia James
    Patricia James

    i love this girl great in all her videos

  • Amelia T
    Amelia T

    Listening this while I workout… make me feel like a bada** bit** 😌

  • Ezequiel Araújo
    Ezequiel Araújo

    Doja Cat é a Rapper mais linda de todas ❤

  • AllCash Asia
    AllCash Asia

    Keyshi kior& Gucci


    Nicki doesn't have the talent Doja has in her toe . All of Nicki's song sound similar , no feelings ,no deep meaning , she just playing some ganster words and screaming she is better than everyone . All of her songs so generic , almost the same . She wastes her talent . I am open for rappers like Doja and Cardi . Cardi serves us with good beats , bomb music vids and her lyrics make sense at some point . Nicki just goes of with unmeaningful rhymes through 75% of the song

    • Alia Grande
      Alia Grande

      @FELI ASMR I meant 60 songs and she have made only 117 songs and which other rapper sings about love btw there's none and all of nicki minaj songs sounds good so fuck you


      @Alia Grande Ok , so she almost has 300 songs and only 30 have a deep meaning . That's sad . She is a product for popular culture .


      @Alia Grande Girl , since 2009 i have been listening to Nicki Minaj . We even used to cover her songs with my band

    • Alia Grande
      Alia Grande

      she has pver 30 songs which isn't about her cat and sounds different in all of them and I can name all of them rn but I don't wasit my time on stupid people

    • Alia Grande
      Alia Grande

      Tell me you don't actually listened to Nicki Minaj without telling me you don't listen to Nicki Minaj:

  • Lothar Lustig
    Lothar Lustig

    Blasphemie !!!

  • Funmi Riñoza
    Funmi Riñoza

    No one gon talk about how she lose parts of her arms in sum shots? No? Awkay…

    • Lokhia Rhodes
      Lokhia Rhodes

      She’s cosplaying as someone in that outfit

    • Lokhia Rhodes
      Lokhia Rhodes

      Yeah it’s a green screen because she had green on in that shot on her arm

  • baynlovey


  • Sorbet Shark
    Sorbet Shark

    am i the only one noticed that Megan's current display picture have the outfit similar to this Doja Cat in this MV?🤔 but they are like best friendd though so no problem

  • Warren Dunaway
    Warren Dunaway


  • bar bar
    bar bar

    *Bad btch twerking*

  • SequoiaBoia

    Doja could 100 percent be a magical girl XD

  • Sandro de maior Barbosaaa
    Sandro de maior Barbosaaa


  • L L
    L L

    Does someone know where to buy that outfit?:D

  • Amber F
    Amber F

    Love the 90's music video vibe mixed with new sh!t. Doja is a whole vibeeee!!💫💞💜

    • Myishen Haines
      Myishen Haines

      Totally not 90s lol, but cool. (I'm 34).

  • Brooke B.
    Brooke B.


  • Emihle Mahlaba
    Emihle Mahlaba


  • Mariel Vera
    Mariel Vera

    Doja cat cmonnnn don’t reveal your Body :c also DEMONITIZE

  • hannah

    who did the animation??? how come there are no credits

  • Valerie Sofia Angulo
    Valerie Sofia Angulo

    Te amo

  • Sam Velasquez
    Sam Velasquez

    That split in the end was awesome.

  • •RW-Gacha•

    Love the Salor Moon reference

  • Get Good
    Get Good

    If anyone does not confess that Jesus Cristo is OUR LORD AND SAVIOR DO NOT TRUST THAT SPIRIT

    • Get Good
      Get Good

      Anyone that doesn't

    • yhronme

      @Get Good "DO NOT TRUST THAT SPIRIT" who is"that spirit?"

    • Get Good
      Get Good

      @yhronme what?

    • yhronme

      @Get Good whos "that spirit"

    • Get Good
      Get Good

      @yhronme ah?

  • DivineBlackGodessWarrior Woman
    DivineBlackGodessWarrior Woman

    I lowkey want to watch the animation as a show. 👀

  • Chaimae Ahmed
    Chaimae Ahmed


  • dave sohn
    dave sohn

    most famous south African



  • Ldhcg Groover
    Ldhcg Groover

    I can't even lie this gives me that 106 and park summer time vibe. And she mad beautiful 😍.


    I LIKE SONG❤😍👍

  • Ryaiden Garnica
    Ryaiden Garnica


  • elisabeth grill
    elisabeth grill

    in the green background half of her arm can‘t be seen lol

  • Hollagrl0999

    This song and “Clover Cage - Good Luck” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..💕

  • yoven

    Doja is a firebender🔥

  • Yasmine Okr
    Yasmine Okr

    This is embarrassing.

  • Yasmine Okr
    Yasmine Okr


  • Ashton Ryan
    Ashton Ryan

    In the name of the moon I shall chastise you

  • Gilmara Novaes
    Gilmara Novaes

    Loveee doja

  • Carolina Ardila
    Carolina Ardila

    Dios, amo a esta mujer

  • magdalena Rojas torres
    magdalena Rojas torres

    Beauty and kind

  • Tracy Collins
    Tracy Collins

    This my shit lol

  • Owen Rich
    Owen Rich

    Talented young woman, fine too.

  • Исабекова Дарина
    Исабекова Дарина

    The bestie 🤩💜🤙

  • •Chloe•

    2:08 this is how i react when i made it to the top on tower of hell rblOaX

  • •Chloe•

    2:03 wave twerking

  • darkenix8895

    the beat is so addictive

  • marnie Blair
    marnie Blair

    Doja best ever video of all-time

  • Lifeline

    Never fails to deliver🔥💙

  • Wednesday Patterson
    Wednesday Patterson

    Every song of hers is a hit. Like wow

  • YurxFN

    When girls rule the world video games will look like this ♥️♥️ WE LUV YOU DOJA CAT😻😻👅💜💜

  • ashh_playzz

    So Doja cat is a baddie ;-;

  • Wyatt Stansbery
    Wyatt Stansbery

    So what anime is the reference to at 1:12? I could swear I saw Sypha do a fire thing like that in Castlevania, but I would've thought Doja would be referencing something older, if that particular scene was even out yet.


    I love you 2d Doja! ❤

  • Arie Nagle
    Arie Nagle

    The healthy innocent understandably reply because ping unprecedentedly argue beyond a resonant nitrogen. lively, quiet brass

  • Jenny Brader
    Jenny Brader

    Does ho disliked only hit the wrong button by accident

  • Rasim Öztürk
    Rasim Öztürk


  • Red Hernandez
    Red Hernandez

    This is the birth of planet her

  • yoo

    2:03 she doing the roblox dance or no

  • Mae Cachin
    Mae Cachin

    WOW!!!!!!!! Doja Cat

  • Robert Epps
    Robert Epps

    well finally doja knows anime?

  • Herall Dinnall
    Herall Dinnall

    Watching and listening to thus song high hits different lol.I see why Gucci Mane couldn't stop smiling lol.

  • It's Reishh
    It's Reishh

    She kind of looks like she-ra in this outfit but I love the outfit

  • It's Reishh
    It's Reishh

    I live for this sound

  • Tomas Contreras
    Tomas Contreras


  • Mo Dro
    Mo Dro

    This is my this is my dad's phone and I'm using it in your videos of self find please send me the makeup that you use

  • Manuel Enrique Rojas Castro
    Manuel Enrique Rojas Castro

    Sus canciones de Doja Cat son iguales que del Faraon Love Shady :o

  • Nicholas Gaming
    Nicholas Gaming

    She killed the song a fit go girl

    • Nicholas Gaming
      Nicholas Gaming


  • Savage Bitch
    Savage Bitch

    Yo viendo que nadie habla español en los comentarios :😳😳😳

  • Brandi Hayes
    Brandi Hayes

    The amused millimeter subcellularly cough because brush prospectively back up a robust peer-to-peer. nine, sleepy lipstick

  • A.S.01

    Love from India ..💕💕💕💕..Assam...💕💕💕

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog

    *gay panic*

  • Marcus Perdue
    Marcus Perdue

    I hear a lot of Janet in this one. Dope. ❤️

  • scia•machy

    Girl slay 😭 🔥

  • Yulia Kukles
    Yulia Kukles

    Don't know why but I'm getting some major Gwen Stefani vibes when the chorus comes up 🧐

  • Zaid Nasser
    Zaid Nasser

    What am I doing here?

  • Andile Gumede
    Andile Gumede

    I watch this at 1080p always.

  • Trey


    • MeMe


  • シ.روان


  • Al

    The cruel spaghetti ignificantly spill because earth putatively water afore a cheerful fired. tender tense, brown refrigerator

  • Taylor C
    Taylor C

    yes qeen

  • ماسى

    منو جاي من مقطع شيخ لكيوليه😂😂

  • Sol Angela♡
    Sol Angela♡

    Doja Cat 🛐🛐🛐

  • Mohammad Sabir
    Mohammad Sabir

    Nice song

  • Primarch Mortarion
    Primarch Mortarion

    Did Gucci Mane lose weight? I remember him being a little bit bigger back in the day

    • kermit the frog
      kermit the frog

      maybe good for him if he wanted to lose weight

  • Reema_ksa

    music is co cuteeeeeeee

  • The Kinguy
    The Kinguy

    Good song!!!!♥️♥️❤️

  • Brandi Hayes
    Brandi Hayes

    The sturdy cover decisively refuse because second spindly grease for a low mercury. reflective, tart kayak

  • Peanut Butterfly
    Peanut Butterfly

    watching too much doja cat, i started to twerk


    turn off the volume and watch this mv yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Abhishak

    "That's my shit, that's my wave" meaning please

    • MeMe


  • Demetrie Oslund
    Demetrie Oslund

    Fsr listening to this song don't make me depressed anymore

  • Majqn_edits

    That outfit is rocking 🛐💕💕💕

  • Milgian Martinez
    Milgian Martinez


  • nastara robinson
    nastara robinson

    She so damn good