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  • Tik tok life
    Tik tok life


  • Cool Cool
    Cool Cool

    This is type of song that they play when you walk to a store in a mall

  • Anthony Leong
    Anthony Leong

    This is awesome and so wonderful. 💖💖💖

  • Jimmy

    Bouncy 🙌🏽💋❤️ 💎

  • G T
    G T

    Sooo goood

  • Francisco Cantón
    Francisco Cantón

    I ❤ theese remix

  • Ben Rigby
    Ben Rigby

    Feel like I’ve just walked in a jd

  • Snappleisgood

    If Doja cat made Mario kart it would be Cat kart and this song would be on it.

  • Real Marcantes Oficial
    Real Marcantes Oficial

    Toooopppppp, O meu paredão toca é sertão

  • Lee Caswell
    Lee Caswell

    Worked out the sample. Ian Dury and the Blockheads , reasons to be cheerful part 3 😊. 2.22 minutes into the song 👍

  • Anne Queen
    Anne Queen

    Love so

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez

    It’s in fortnite now

  • Janai Chatiza
    Janai Chatiza

    You my friend within

  • Human Siddique
    Human Siddique


  • The Fatties are coming
    The Fatties are coming

    Hey I did a cover of this song. Please check it out ☺️. It would mean a lot. 🤍

  • Isma_99

    This house remix is a banger

  • Kira-bug

    Doja,baby I love you...,don't take this wrong,but originals are always the best choice. 👌🏾👍🏾👁👄👁

  • Énjé Segue
    Énjé Segue

    I feel like a boomer cos all I wanna say is it’s French Touch.. you kids wouldn’t understand. It’s not “fashion contest” music or “clothes store” music. Its a staple of late 90’s and early 2000’s dance scene.

  • Khalia Williams
    Khalia Williams


  • Khalia Williams
    Khalia Williams


  • Babygurlchick21


  • DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Catchy remix 👍👍

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl Wheezer


  • KavonTV

    We should’ve known anything that involves TikTok is racist

  • Katarina Nikolić
    Katarina Nikolić

    This is type of songs played in boutiques

  • Erika Todorova
    Erika Todorova

    This song gives me anxiety for some reason

  • J Tremor
    J Tremor

    This song stresses me out so much

  • Sabyr Yelzhasov
    Sabyr Yelzhasov


  • intentxions

    You would hear this in gay club lol

  • Blake Leardini
    Blake Leardini

    Not even Doja Cat is safe from the nightcore plague...

  • i am Shaey
    i am Shaey

    This is the type of songs that plays when the Kardashians step outside

  • 혜서


  • Eduardo Poblete
    Eduardo Poblete

    Doja queen of gays

  • viana L
    viana L

    Remind me of Janet's "someone to call my lover" vibes ❤️

  • Alan Fernandes
    Alan Fernandes


  • Masheal al S
    Masheal al S


  • Es Are
    Es Are

    should just be called the LGBTQ2DFKAIERTJASDFLFA remix

  • Kate Lane
    Kate Lane

    True, true. I'd like to hear this in Hollister, cause all they play is that freaking song from Khalid.

  • Rony Weedo
    Rony Weedo


    • Rony Weedo
      Rony Weedo


    • Rony Weedo
      Rony Weedo

      JklskokloklllllksoiiioiiooiioooIjjki!l Sllll!llllllllllllll

  • { Temzie }
    { Temzie }

    Dang I got mall vibes from this song

  • 창모모창

    원곡 노래도 좋은데 리믹스 버전도 만만치 않게 좋다̆̈... doja cat I love U••• ❤️ i’m your korean fan❤️

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia


  • MSFTS2013

    Original version is the best.

  • Daniyal A
    Daniyal A

    Would fit so well with the runway on RPDR

  • Flannery Red
    Flannery Red

    WHY THE FUCK couldnt you have been around when I used to go clubbin?! OMG! I LOOOOOOVE YOU! And I am ANCIENT!!! LMFAO!

  • Serenity 1030
    Serenity 1030

    i love your songs so much

  • Braincube 013
    Braincube 013

    I went from listening to Post Malone to this..... how.

  • Taryna Simmons
    Taryna Simmons

    Omg I am you're bigget fan

  • isla cooper
    isla cooper

    Bruh I literally had a dream where I met Doja last night and when I woke up I almost cried

  • Ben Lovell
    Ben Lovell

    Legend has it if you smoke enough with your cats the doja will like your comment

  • brielle

    *i swear last year she was sticking fries up her nose…* (I know that this isn’t original and someone else probably said this. Duh! I think I know that. Don’t come at me 5 year olds.)

  • Cute Clouds
    Cute Clouds


  • ca -ca
    ca -ca

    This sounds like this would be played at a skating ring with neon LED lights and your hanging out with your friends 🌻 If your reading this stay safe! 🦠🤚😠

  • shadowYT

    Doja you did epic

  • Dagger

    This all started with the song "moo"

  • Antonella Escalona
    Antonella Escalona


  • 6pr_x

    this is the most fire remix i've ever heardddd !!!

  • katalina si
    katalina si

    Lisa givet to me her😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • cookies

    So this is the girl who uploaded moo? God damn she came far

  • melodyisonline star
    melodyisonline star

    Avm songs

  • valerie guzman
    valerie guzman

    I used to love friend within 😕❤😍😍😍

  • pp

    CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY THE HOT PINK CD AND THE AMALA CD?? i couldn’t find any online ;< but i reallly love doja and need da cds. if doja see this (which there’s a 1 in a 1000000 chance that she will): love chu girl 😘💕🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

  • Zoltán Gergely
    Zoltán Gergely

    hello everyone, @Doja Cat. How can I send an e mail to the women artist? Anyone?

  • demarcusjamesbartholomewthe3rd

    dodge a cat is so good but I find it sad how here music career is no mainly based off tik tok

  • anaelroi

    I knew it... So much you can do with those vocals.

  • mateen rostami
    mateen rostami

    I love you Doja cat i'm a Guy i'm 18 I love you

  • 《•Jasmine Flower •》
    《•Jasmine Flower •》

    Love the song🌞🌺🍂🍃💞

  • Eduardo Poblete
    Eduardo Poblete

    She knows that her fans are gays

  • 동탄스피드레이서협회회장엄준식

    한국은 응답하라

  • S o f i
    S o f i

    Arriba los tik tokers 😂

  • Jade

    he aint ever seen it in a dress like this!

  • Sunflower Grazer Chalamet
    Sunflower Grazer Chalamet

    Why is dojo cat always online

  • Ray C
    Ray C


  • Jzang Nameu
    Jzang Nameu

  • 하예원


  • BMX Girl
    BMX Girl

    You are the best singer it makes me cry love you soo much I wish I could FaceTime u

  • Rian Butera
    Rian Butera

    perfect 💖💖💖

  • Suga Bias
    Suga Bias

    Can u do a try not to laugh plz Doja cat

  • lovely leticia Arenas
    lovely leticia Arenas

    Wow .........

  • Maria Cutest 𖤐.
    Maria Cutest 𖤐.


  • Nayelee Buxo
    Nayelee Buxo

    Me gusta más la original

  • miguel angel
    miguel angel


  • Zpr Edits
    Zpr Edits


  • Kobashi路

    Doja You are Beatiful!!!❤❤❤

  • 100k without Any videos?????????
    100k without Any videos?????????


  • Alesita Guzman
    Alesita Guzman

    Que fea quedo!😢💔

  • Zeus Brofas
    Zeus Brofas

    I like the original more 😬

  • randomdudette films
    randomdudette films

    This song dont need a remix...

  • Alisa Selimi
    Alisa Selimi

    Friend with Doja cat remix😂💞

  • Just a Random Kid
    Just a Random Kid

    If u Change Playback sound to 0.75x speed, it sounds amazing

  • Yuben Trolde
    Yuben Trolde

    Please come back to london mommy we miss you

  • Aesthetic Lilly
    Aesthetic Lilly

    Mocked my best frirnd >:(

  • Username Taken
    Username Taken

    And kids this is cardi b part 2

  • blackflame dawg
    blackflame dawg 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Chapter Vi Xo
    Chapter Vi Xo

    @dojacat now that you've made ya stamp in the game, can a day oner get some music like trauma or that Lord cooler flow? Maybe a tru heru collab. Or cannibal! Yeah def a new cannibal, ice cream pu$$y, or a doja cat and lolawolf collab! I need my kitty purrs back - A real oner

  • inkyberry

    sounds like a lemonade commercial

  • Kendra Brown
    Kendra Brown

    Now the thing about Doja Cat (in my opinion) is that she's all over the place. At the same time this can be a good thing keep it fresh but Id really like to see her develop "her signature style" just saying.

  • Konstantinos Kouropalatis
    Konstantinos Kouropalatis

    Doja Cat and Michael Jackson - Rock With You Say So REMIX

  • Denice Garay
    Denice Garay

    Comentario en español, aquí esta lo que buscas Bv

  • BLACKtansonyeondan‘s eggslut
    BLACKtansonyeondan‘s eggslut

    *if u walk in a white colthing store*